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Premium Domains List

Until then, while we build the fancy search, why not fund our development by buying the database of all domains for sale?

Then you can analyze them yourself before anyone esle has access! It contains:

Premium Domain Marketplaces

All domains for sale in major marketplaces:
Sedo, Afternic, Uniregistry, Undeveloped, BrandBucket

Domain Auctions

All domains for sale in major auctions:
Godaddy, Namejet, Dynadot, Namesheap, Namesilo and smaller registrar auctions

Parked Domains

Almost all domains parked in parking platforms:
Parkingcrew, Bodis, Voodoo,

Unused Domains

Almost all names parked in a useless way
(eg. bought in Godaddy, Namecheap, Dynadot or another registrar and never used)

20+ Million Domains for sale

More than 20 million Premium aftermarket domains in total in a list
at a price of 3000 USD!

Custom (For Sale) Name Servers

Many domainers use name servers like:
We detect those Premium domains and add them to the pool.

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AfterSpy, who are you?

AfterSpy is a tool for domainers, being built by Edoms:
a big data company operating the largest database of
existing and expired domains worldwide. Having this list helps figure out which Premium names are for sale. We guarantee this is the largest list of domains for sale you can buy, if you know a more extensive list, tell us!

How do you determine which domain is for sale?

By name servers (which we keep and refresh in our database) and/or being present in a major marketplace. While this doesn't guarantee 100% accuracy, it's the best anyone can offer. For example if you look at the list of names with the NS of Sedo, 99% are for sale at Sedo. The same applies for Afternic, Uniregistry etc. Parked domains are also often for sale and even if they are not listed as such, chances are much better than buying a name with a standing active website.

Who could use such a service?

All domain brokers, domainers and frequent buyers can find huge value in our Premiums list and future service. Don't you wonder how many owners have sat on gold mine domains for years without knowing about it and would sell them at a great price? Subscribe for the launch:

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Learn more about the Premium list by filling the form bellow.